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In the equestrian world, confidence is the cornerstone of success. It’s not merely about mastering the reins or perfecting the posture; it’s about forging a bond with these majestic creatures.

My name is Isabel. Through my pilate classes and coaching I can help you find the confidence to live your life to the full.

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Enhance your riding posture and flexibility with my specialized Pilates exercises designed specifically for horse riders.

Get back in the saddle with less pain and stiffness, feel more stable and safer in the saddle. Have fun again, riding your horse. 

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Access my tailored online programs that help you improve riding skills and physical conditioning at your convenience.

Log on at a time that suits you.

confidence Coaching

Boost your self-assurance both on and off your horse with my expert confidence coaching sessions. Address any fear or anxiety  so you can enjoy riding and improve your connection with your horse. 

About Me

I love horse riding, but I had issues with lack of confidence having fallen off a few times and I was also nervous about not being a good rider. However, I improved my confidence over time with targeted Coaching and Pilates. I learnt to get out of my comfort zone so I could improve my skill in horse riding.

I have always been curious about Pilates but when I experienced low back pain, particularly whilst horse riding, I decided to finally try it. There was no going back. I have no back pain, and when I ride (after not riding for 5 years) there is still NO backpain. So, at 65, I would say age does not come with limits. Do not be defined by your age.

I experienced bullying in the workplace, and decided it was time to leave and continue my Pilates Teaching journey.  I am passionate about Pilates and I really want to help others to reduce back and general aches and pains and become more flexible.

Pilates is a great form of exercise to release your body and help you to perform everyday activities with ease – not just horse riding, but everyday activities such as playing with children and grandchildren, gardening and housework.

I will help you to improve your posture, which will make you feel, look and move better – and also improve your riding and the performance of your horse through a more secure seat and better confidence.

What My CLients Are Saying

 It had been years since I had done any real exercise, and I was concerned about how unfit and unsupple I had become – without really noticing.
I had had no reservations. I got in touch as soon as I found out about the classes. I really find the classes fun and gentle.
The best result is more consistent approach to exercise and using my body.
I would definitely recommend classes with Isabel. Isabel is thoughtful, considerate, tailors her exercises to your needs, and makes time to find out what her class participants need. She offers different levels of difficulty in many of the exercises and pushes us when appropriate. Her’s is a gentle, considerate approach and the classes provide an all-round stretch and workout. I always feel better afterwards! – Carol
Before working with Isabel I had pain in my right hip and knee through walking.
I find the exercises beneficial and really enjoy the class and like the other people who attend, the facility and style of instruction. I have found immediate benefits in mobility, and not just in my hips and knees. It has helped me in my job of dog walking and helped me with my horse riding too (no aches after distance ride for example). – Elaine
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In the equestrian world, confidence is the cornerstone of success. It’s not merely about mastering the reins or perfecting the posture; it’s about forging a bond with these majestic creatures. Horses are perceptive beings, capable of sensing our emotions and intentions. When we exude confidence, they respond in kind, creating a harmonious partnership built on trust. Every rider, regardless of skill level, embarks on a journey of self-discovery through their equine companions. In the saddle, we learn to conquer fears, embrace challenges, and ultimately, soar to new heights. With each stride, we reaffirm our strength and resilience, propelled forward by the unwavering support of our four-legged allies. Together, horse and rider overcome obstacles, embodying the very essence of courage and unity.

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